Emilia Romagna is also a land with a strong vocation for shopping! Our region has in fact plenty of outlets as well as places of real architectural beauty in which you can have a luxury shopping experience.

From La Lepre Bianca farmhouse in a very short time you can reach the city centre of Bologna. Luxury shopping lovers will find Galleria Cavour: from 1959 the Galleria, unique in its features in the overall Italian luxury shopping panorama, hosts the worldwide most prestigious brands boutiques inside buildings of a great historical value. More than 3 million people every year come to visit and let themselves being enchanted by the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of Galleria Cavour.

The historical old town of Ferrara is also close to La Lepre Bianca farmhouse and here you can spend your time on high quality shopping just walking through the streets of the historical old town of the Estensi city, UNESCO heritage. In it you will find fine clothes and accessories boutiques as well as craft shops, libraries and local tasting spaces.

One hour away from La Lepre Bianca farmhouse we find Castel Guelfo Outlet: a real shopping paradise where all the most famous brands propose their clothes and accessories at a discounted price during the whole year! Castle Guelfo Outlet is strategically located, since it is on the A14 road that links the city of Bologna with all the most famous locations of Riviera Romagnola.

Exiting Emilia Romagna and taking the Nord, shopping lovers can have a stop in the Outlet of Bagnolo San Vito, close to the city of Mantova: the perfect occasion to visit also the Gonzaga city, tasting the delicious Mantova sbrisolona cake and getting yourself a bit of good shopping! The Outlet of Bagnolo San Vito is located on the road that connects Mantova to Brennero.

For those who are looking for a shopping experience in an outlet full of world-renowned brands should take the south instead, on the A1 road, towards the Barberino del Mugello Outlet. From here, those who are not happy just with shopping, would have the possibility to reach Florence in a bit more than half an hour.The Barberino del Mugello Outlet is just half an hour away from La Lepre Bianca farmhouse.

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