Emilia Romagna is a region with a strong calling for motors: some of the most known and important automobile but also motorcycle manufactures are in fact based in our region. From La Lepre Bianca farmhouse it is possible to reach in a very short time some seats of the biggest and most prestigious labels that have made the region of Emilia Romagna "the land of motors". Ferrari is a brand that needs no presentation at all. In Maranello, where the prestigious car manufacture has its headquarter, you will have the possibility to visit the Ferrari Museum, where the most representative racing cars models are hosted together with the road cars. Here you will be surrounded by the long and fascinating history of a label who has become a dream. Maranello and the Ferrari Museum are less than a hour away from La Lepre Bianca farmhouse.

If we are talking about luxury cars, we can not talk about Maserati. The car manufacture with his headquarter in Modena has more that 100 years of history (the century celebration took place back in 2014) and several model with a unmistakable style which has been railing the race tracks and today are letting themselves being admired on the streets of the all world.

Another brand that stands for luxury and vanguard is Lamborghini: the Lamborghini supercars have unique lines and represent a dream for all the motors lovers. In the seat of Sant´Agate Bolognese you will have the possibility to visit its factory, where you can admire both the production lines and the Lamborghini Museum that runs through all the history of he brand. The museum is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am until 6 pm.

Another important name of a great value in the world of luxury cars is Pagani. Pagani car manufacturer produces models with space-age features as well as very high performance motors in extremely limited edition: a real luxury just for a very few and lucky people. Founded by the Italian-Argentinian Horacio Pagani, car manufacturer has its headquarters in San Cesario sul Panario (MO), just 30 minutes away from La Lepre Bianca farmhouse.

The world of the motors in Emilia Romagna does not expire with cars: in the field of motorcycle, our region can boast excellence as Malamute, Moto Morini but above all Ducati. In particular, Ducati of Borgo Panigale has an international reputation and fame thanks to the high quality of its bikes and thanks to the successes in the main motorcycle competitive categories. Visits to both the factory (guided tour to be booked in advance) and the Ducati museum are available.

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