Art Cities

Art Cities

La Lepre Bianca is the perfect starting point to reach several art cities. Thanks to its privileged position, located near all the main roads that are linking Ferrara and Bologna, it is easily possibile to start from La Lepre Bianca to reach the most fascinating cities of Italy.

By car, and  in a very short time, it is possibile to reach the city of Bologna, seat of the oldest University in the world, Bologna is well known also as an art city: it hosts several churches and monuments, as well as the very famous Asinelli Tower. One of its more peculiar characteristic is the porticos, behind those you can easily walk throughout all the city centre.

Always by car, reaching Ferrara is a matter of a few minutes. The Estensi´s city maintain an historical city centre, counted as UNESCO heritage which you will admire the Estense Castle. Art lovers will find exhibition of great value at the Palazzo dei Diamanti, located in the street that has been defined as "the most beautiful street of Europe": Corso Ercole I d´Este.

Mantova, the city of the Gonzaga family is about one hour by car from La Lepre Bianca farmhouse. Among the most important monuments of Mantova, that rises close to three lakes and it´s surrounded by citi walls, we can count Palazzo Ducale: made up of a complex of different buildings, the old mansion of the Gonzaga family is overcome by extension just by the Vatican. At Palazzo Te you will admire severals halls majestically painted.

From La Lepre Bianca farmhouse a car trip of around one hour is needed to reach the city of Ravenna, well known for its stunning mosaics. Ravenna hosts mosaic proofs of extraordinary importance, that can be admired in the cathedrals of Sant´Apollinare Nuovo and Sant´Apollinare in Classe, in the cathedral of San Vitale, in the Galla Placida mausoleum and in other several monuments you will be discovering just walking through the city.

Even Parma is one hour away from our farmhouse. What is recommended to be visited is  the Duomo, majestic testament of a Romanic Religious Architecture. For those who love park of great historical importance, will appreciate for sure the Parco Ducale and Parco della Cittadella, old Parma fortress. La Lepre Bianca is just 45 minutes away from the Bologna Central Station, where the high speed trains leave to connect the most fascinating cities of Italy. From Bologna Central Station in just 30 minutes you will reach Florence. World well known as art city, Firenze hosts one of the most important and famous museum of the world: the Uffizi. Truth be told, th all city is an open- air museum, full of unique architectures like the one in Ponte Vecchio or the one in Santa Maria del Fiore, characterized by a majestic dome.

Leaving from Bologna Central Station, in just a two hour trip, you can also reach Rome. Italian capital needs no presentation: the Colosseum, Fori Romani, the San Pietro Basilica and all the other churches and monuments that characterize the city are able to tell by their own the history of the city and its vocation to be an art city.

Just one hour and a half is needed to reach Venice, the Serenissima. Venice, to be enjoyed just walking, besides Piazza San Marco and the San Marco Basilica, hosts several other churches, palaces and monuments of a great relevance from an artistic, historical and cultural point of view. The main islands of Venice, such as Murano, Burano, Torcello, Lido are reachable by ferry boat.

The guest from other continents who wish to have Italy as a starting point in order to visit more European countries can rely on the Bologna airport, which is located just 30 minutes away from La Lepre Bianca farmhouse. Excellently connected to the most important european cities, the most enterprising tourists will leave and discover the most beautiful European capitals from the Bologna airport such as London, Paris, Vienna and many more.


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