The organic farm holding La Lepre Bianca

Staying at La Lepre Bianca farmhouse means also getting to know the history and the philosophy of La Lepre Bianca organic farmhouse.

The organic farm holding La Lepre Bianca

The organic farm house and our philosophy - organical since 1999

The family-owned organic farm house runs on 10 hectares. The relationship between man and nature is the deep characterizing element in the organic farming.In the organic farmhouse la Lepre Bianca in the last years we have been completely changing the agronomical technique and tools aiming to reach an environment-friendly agriculture that takes stock of our tradition, but at the same time is open to the ongoing technical innovations: the result we had so far is a balanced ecosystem. We do not use chemical products: that means giving back to our countryside the necessary biodiversity for a farming practice that respects the environment. In the organic farmhouse La Lepre Bianca we installed a meteorological little hut for the development and the implementation of forecasting models that allow us to optimize the technical strategies, reducing the use of copper, that now is widely below the limit of the more restrictive European norms. We also implemented an automatic system for the management of the water balance, in order to optimize the use of the aquifer water. We carry out a full grazing of livestock with mechanic mowing twice a year and we do not use herbicides. We just use organic substances for fertilizing (quality compost and manure).

Our products

La lepre Bianca organic farmhouse manages in total 10 hectares of organic certified orchard and sells its products under the label of La Lepre Bianca: more than the 90% of the overall production is being exported in Northern European Countries.
Our endorsement is the production of pears: our soils turned out to be particularly fertile for cultivating this kind of tree. Among the flagship products of our organic farmhouse we do find:

  • early red apple, like Gala
  • Santa Maria pears
  • William pears white and red
  • Abate pears

The conservation area and wild animals

Our orchard is located in an hunting protected area: it’s here that lot of wild animals live together and facilitate the biodiversity: a balanced ecosystem is essential for a farming practice to be respectful of the environment.
In the farmhouse there are also several environmental restoration zones where in humid places and hedges jackrabbits, foxes, tomtits, pheasants, owls and barn owls live together with lot of other wild animals. This zones. the so called ecological hallways to life, take up a surface of one hectare.


La Lepre Bianca farmhouse has been rewarded with the Oscar Green Award in 2006 for the category Environmental protection and sustainability.
In 2017, La Lepre Bianca also won the Carta Canta Award, ranked as best farmhouse proposal and it has been nominated Emilia Romagna wine ambassador in the world.


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