Farmhouse art

At La Lepre Bianca, the farmhouse art is a real lifestyle choice: here the art works interact with the environment in an ongoing dialogue, they will never be just furniture complements or a way of ostentation, but instead they are a dedicated testament of the authentic relationship with the world we are living in.

Farmhouse art
The creativity that comes from a welcoming and generous land as Emilia Romagna in fact is, reflects itself in the art work that enrich the decors and the interiors of our building.The farmhouse art is a really important element in our hospitality offer: at La Lepre Bianca you will appreciate the works of Denis Riva, works we show with lot of pride: if you let yourself be captivated by one of his works, you could choose to buy it and to hang it up at your place. Beyond Denis Riva, you will also find works from contemporary artist like Zamboni Nicola (father) and Alberto (son), Pellizzola Marco and Guidotti Alessandro, as well as the painter Parmeggiani Sandro.
We do notice farmhouse art even in some small details: works of Denis Riva are also the logo and the graphics on the fruits cases. The paper that enrich them, reproduces one of his work really inspired and dynamic. At La Lepre Bianca, the nature expresses itself through the artist genius.


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